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21 Aug 2012 - 14:30 to 15:50
Meeting open to the public.
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Meeting Documents

  1. pdf Agenda (2900Kb)
  2. pdf Minute (53Kb)

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Others Attending

Also Present
John Easdale and Alex Gallagher.

In Attendance
E. Murray, Chief Executive; C. Kirk, Corporate Director, J. McKnight, Manager (Community Development) and D. Yuille, Project Manager (Education and Skills); I.T. Mackay, Solicitor to the Council and A. Laurenson, Team Manager (Corporate Services); O. Clayton, Head of Service (Community Care and Housing) and S. Gault, Head of Service (Children, Families and Criminal Justice) (Social Services and Health); Y. Baulk, Head of Finance, A. Bodie, Head of Infrastructure and Design Services, C. Hatton, Head of Environment and Related Services, P. Doak, Senior Manager (Internal Audit and Risk Management) and T. Reaney, Procurement Manager (Finance and Infrastructure); J. Montgomery, General Manager (Policy and Service Reform), K. Don, Economic Development Officer (Tourism), K. Dyson, Communications Officer and M. Anderson, Committee Services Officer (Chief Executive's)

Also In Attendance
Hugh Carr, Head of Strategic Procurement (Scotland Excel).