Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee determines appeals by employees against dismissal, or action short of dismissal due to disciplinary action, and in the case of Teachers, against a final written warning, dismissal, or action short of dismissal due to disciplinary action. The Committee also determines the outcomes of stage 3 grievance and stage 3 maximising attendance appeals by employees, all under the Council's HR policies and procedures Since 17 June 2015, each meeting of the committee comprises 3 Members drawn from a pool of 10 Elected Members, 4 of whom are standing Members of the Staffing and Recruitment Committee (or their named substitute).
17 May 2017 - onwards
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11 April 201910:3012:30North Coast & Islands Committee RoomOccurred
25 June 201910:3016:00North Coast & Islands Committee RoomOccurred
17 September 202010:3016:00Virtual MeetingOccurred
18 February 202110:3016:30Virtual MeetingScheduled 
25 March 202110:3016:30Virtual MeetingScheduled 
29 April 202110:3016:30Virtual MeetingScheduled 
03 June 202110:3016:30Virtual MeetingScheduled 
24 June 202110:3016:30Virtual MeetingScheduled 
19 August 202110:3016:30Virtual MeetingScheduled 
16 September 202110:3016:30Virtual MeetingScheduled 


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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
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Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Louise McPhater Member 17/05/2017 - current
Scottish National Party (SNP)
Councillor Davina McTiernan Substitute Member 17/05/2017 - current
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Jimmy Miller Member 17/05/2017 - current
Scottish Conservative and Unionist
Councillor Angela Stephen Member 17/05/2017 - current


PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Euan Gray
01294 324130

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