Background documents relating to the Cabinet can be found here.
The Cabinet is the main decision making body of the Council. It consists of 6 Members of the Labour administration each of whom holds a specific Portfolio. Meetings of the Cabinet are Chaired by the Leader of the Council. Decisions of the Cabinet may be subject of Call In to the Audit and Scrutiny Committee.
17 May 2017 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor John Bell Vice-Chairperson (Education) 17/05/2017 - current 98%
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Joe Cullinane Chairperson (Community Wealth Building) 17/05/2017 - current 91%
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Robert Foster Member (Health and Social Care (and lead Member for Poverty)) 17/05/2017 - current 87%
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Alex Gallagher Member (Post-Covid Renewal) 17/05/2017 - current 96%
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Louise McPhater Member (Participatory Democracy) 17/05/2017 - current 73%
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Jim Montgomerie BCAv Member (Green New Deal and Sustainability) 17/05/2017 - current 82%


Appointee NameAppointee RoleAppointee Membership DatesAppointee Attendance
Mr Andrew Bruce Education Lay Member 29/10/2019 - current 32%
Mr Iain Haining Education Lay Member 17/05/2017 - current 20%
Jacqui MacKenzie Education Lay Member 21/01/2020 - current 67%
Mrs Elizabeth Turbet Education Lay Member 31/08/2021 - current 40%
Craig Stewart
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