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18 Sep 2012 - 14:30 to 16:30
Meeting open to the public.
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Meeting Documents

  1. pdf Agenda (8102Kb)
  2. pdf Minute (57Kb)

Declarations of Interests

Others Attending

Also Present
John Easdale and Peter McNamara.

For Education Business: E. Higton and M. Fraser (Church Representatives); G. Smith (Teaching Representative); and N. McDonald and H. McIntosh (Pupil Representatives)

In Attendance
E. Murray, Chief Executive; I. Mackay, Solicitor to the Council; L. Friel, Corporate Director and D. Tate, Housing Assets & Investment Manager (Finance & Infrastructure); C. Kirk, Corporate Director, M. Armstrong, Head of Service (Logistics & Infrastructure), M. Docherty, Head of Service (Education 3-18) and A. Sutton, Head of Service (Community & Culture) (Education & Skills); S. Gault, Head of Service (Children, Families & Criminal Justice) and M. McManus, Housing Manager (Social Services and Health); C. O'Kane, Change Programme Manager, A G. Macgregor, Head of Human Resources & Organisational Development, G. Young; HR Manager, M. Rae, Community Planning Officer; A. Todd and S.Cloete, Policy & Performance Officers, L. McEwan, Communications Manager, D. Moroney, Communications Officer and M. McKeown, Committee Services Manager (Chief Executive's Service).