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North Ayrshire Council
4 Mar 2021 - 14:00 to 20:00
Meeting open to the public.
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Agenda Items
Arrangements in Terms of COVID-19

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting will be held remotely in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 2003.  Where possible, the meeting will be live-streamed and available to view at  In the event that live-streaming is not possible, a recording of the meeting will instead be available to view at this location.

1 Apologies
2 Declarations of Interest

Members are requested to give notice of any declarations of interest in respect of items of business on the Agenda.

Submit report by the Head of Service (Finance) on (a) the Council's revenue spending requirements and anticipated funding for 2021/22 to 2023/24; (b) the level of reserves and fund balances held by the Council and (c) options to address the funding gap (copy enclosed).

Submit report by the Head of Service (Finance) on the Capital Investment Programme to 2030/31 (copy enclosed)

Submit report by the Head of Service (Finance) on the anticipated annual income and expenditure of the Common Good Funds and Trusts administered by North Ayrshire Council and seek approval for the level of grant funding to be made available for disbursement in 2021/22 (copy enclosed).

Submit report by the Head of Service (Finance) on the proposed Strategy for Treasury Management and Investment activities within the Council for the financial year 2021/22 (copy enclosed). 

7 Urgent Items

Any other items which the Provost considers to be urgent.


Please note: this meeting may be filmed for live and subsequent broadcast via the Council’s internet site.  At the start of the meeting, the Provost will confirm if all or part of the meeting is being live-streamed/webcast.


You should be aware that the Council is a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 2018.  Data collected during the live-stream/webcast will be retained in accordance with the Council’s published policy, including, but not limited to, for the purpose of keeping historical records and making those records available via the Council’s internet site.


By joining the remote Council meeting, you are consenting to being filmed and consenting to the use and storage of those images and sound recordings and any information pertaining to you contained in them for webcasting or training purposes and for the purpose of keeping historical records and making those records available to the public. If you do not wish to participate in a recording, you should leave the meeting at this point.  This will constitute your revocation of consent.


 If you have any queries regarding this and, in particular, if you believe that use and/or storage of any particular information would cause, or be likely to cause, substantial damage or distress to any individual, please contact

North Ayrshire Council
Ian Clarkson (Provost)
Robert Barr (Depute Provost)
John Bell
Timothy Billings
Joy Brahim
Marie Burns
Joe Cullinane
Scott Davidson
Anthea Dickson
John Easdale
Todd Ferguson
Robert Foster
Scott Gallacher
Alex Gallagher
Margaret George
John Glover
Tony Gurney
Alan Hill
Christina Larsen
Shaun Macaulay
Jean McClung
Ellen McMaster
Ronnie McNicol
Louise McPhater
Davina McTiernan
Tom Marshall
Jimmy Miller
Jim Montgomerie
Ian Murdoch
Donald Reid
Donald L Reid
Angela Stephen
John Sweeney

Declarations of Interests

Member NameItem Ref.DetailsNature of DeclarationAction
No declarations of interest have been entered for this meeting.

Others Attending

In Attendance

C. Hatton, Chief Executive; R. McCutcheon, Executive Director, Y. Baulk, Head of Service (Physical Environment), D. Hammond, Head of Service (Commercial) and C. McAuley, Head of Service (Economic Development and Regeneration) (Place); A. Sutton, Executive Director (Communities and Education); C. Cameron, Director (Health and Social Care Partnership); M. Boyd Head of Service, D. Forbes, Senior Manager and N. Graham, Team Manager (Finance); T. Reaney, Head of Service (Recovery and Renewal); F. Walker, Head of Service and M. Lindsay, Senior Customer Officer (People and ICT); and A. Fraser, Head of Service, A. Craig, Senior Manager (Legal Services),  M. McColm, Senior Manager (Communications), H. Clancy, E. Gray and A. Little, Committee Services Officers and M. Anderson, Senior Manager (Committee and Member Services) (Democratic Services) (Chief Executive's Service).



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