Councillor Alan Hill

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Councillor Alan Hill
06 May 2022
First Elected
06 May 1999
Scottish National Party (SNP)
Ward 01 – North Coast
Member Services
North Ayrshire Council
Cunninghame House
KA12 8EE
Mobile Telephone No:


Councillor Alan Hill was first elected as an SNP Councillor in 1999 representing the North Coast & Cumbraes Ward.  He held the position of Depute Leader of North Ayrshire Council until August 2016 when there was a change of Administration. Following the Local Government Election in May 2022 he now holds the position of Cabinet Member with the Portfolio for Communities and Islands.

Councillor Hill sits on the Local Development Plan Committee, Staffing & Recruitment Committee. Councillor Hill also represents North Ayrshire Council on the Clyde, Kintyre & Islands Ferry Stakeholder Group, COSLA Community Wellbeing Board, Highlands & Islands Regional Economic Partnership, Highlands and Islands Territorial Committee, Hunterston Site Stakeholders Group, North Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership Board and North Ayrshire Ventures Trust.

 Councillor Hill is married with four children and is a Partner in the law firm, Robert F Duff & Co, with offices in Largs and Millport.

Job Title:

Election History

Thu 6 May 1999 Wed 30 Apr 2003 Re-elected
Thu 1 May 2003 Wed 2 May 2007 Re-elected
Fri 4 May 2007 Wed 2 May 2012 Re-elected
Fri 4 May 2012 Thu 4 May 2017 Re-elected
Fri 5 May 2017 Thu 5 May 2022 Re-elected
Fri 6 May 2022  

Party Representation History

Scottish National Party (SNP)Fri 4 May 2012 Thu 4 May 2017
Scottish National Party (SNP)Fri 5 May 2017 Thu 5 May 2022
Scottish National Party (SNP)Fri 6 May 2022

Ward Representation History

Ward 27 - Largs West and CumbraeThu 6 May 1999 Wed 30 Apr 2003
Ward 27 - Largs West and CumbraeThu 1 May 2003 Wed 2 May 2007
Ward 08 - North Coast and Cumbraes.Fri 4 May 2007 Wed 2 May 2012
Ward 08 - North Coast and Cumbraes.Fri 4 May 2012 Thu 4 May 2017
Ward 08 - North Coast and CumbraesFri 5 May 2017 Thu 5 May 2022
Ward 01 – North CoastFri 6 May 2022 Wed 5 May 2027

Personal Register of Interests

Date of NoticeReceipt by Monitoring OfficerView
04 June 201209 August 2022

Meeting Declarations

Committee NameMeeting DateNatureView
North Coast Area Committee25 April 2013Pecuniary
Cabinet11 June 2013Non-Pecuniary
North Coast Area Committee22 August 2013Non-Pecuniary
North Ayrshire Council18 December 2013Non-Pecuniary
North Coast Area Committee23 January 2014Pecuniary
North Coast Area Committee13 August 2015Pecuniary
North Coast Area Committee24 March 2016Non-Pecuniary
North Ayrshire Council04 October 2017Personal
North Ayrshire Council20 December 2017Pecuniary
North Ayrshire Council16 December 2020Pecuniary
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Member Attendance

Attendance Summary

Expected attendances21 
Present as expected2095%
Apologies received1100% of absences
In attendance (as a visitor)2 

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