Office of the Provost


The current Provost of North Ayrshire Council is Councillor Anthea Dickson.  The Depute Provost is Councillor John Sweeney.  Both Councillors were elected to Office at the Statutory Council meeting held on 18 May 2022.

The Provost is the civic head of the Council.  As well as chairing meetings of the Council and representing their ward constituents, the Provost represents the Council at a range of civic and official events. 

The Chains of Office

Typically when carrying out official functions, the Provost and Depute Provost will wear their official Chains of Office which bear the Coats of Arms of the Council.   

On leaving Office, the name of the outgoing Provost and/or Depute Provost is added to a link on their official Chain of Office, together with the period they held office.  The names of all former Provosts and Depute Provosts appear on the current Chains of Office.

It is also a tradition to mark the Provost's time in office by presenting him or her with the Former Provost's medal.

Getting in touch with the Provost and Depute Provost

As well as contacting the Provost and Depute Provost in their capacity as local Councillors, members of the public may request their input to special events, for example, commemorating 100th birthdays or Diamond Wedding Anniversaries of family members.  

Such requests, and all invitations to the Provost and Depute Provost, should be directed in the first instance to the Provost's Office by phoning 01294 324123 or emailing

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