Coat of Arms

North Ayrshire Council is entitled to hold Armorial Bearings (Coat of Arms) which is the official mark of the Heraldry in Scotland and authorised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. 

As North Ayrshire Council represents the same geographical area as the former Cunninghame District Council, the same crest and motto were adopted in 1996 with only a slight variation to the coronet above the shield. 

The crest of the authorities which North Ayrshire Council superseded, Cunninghame District Council and Strathclyde Regional Council, are depicted on individual chain links. The logo of the former Irvine Development Corporation also appears. 

The names and dates
of office of each Provost of North Ayrshire Council are inscribed on individual chain links of the Provost's Chain of Office.

Council coat of arms
The Coat of Arms

The Arms have their main feature a black Cunninghame shakefork. It is said that the Cunninghame family "being by office Masters of the King's Stables and Horses" took for their armorial figure the instrument whereby hay is thrown up to the horses, which in heraldry is known as a shakefork. 

The Arms of the Royal Burgh of Irvine are depicted in one flank. A crowned lion sitting on a crown holding the sword and sceptre. The right to use the Royal crest is said to have been granted to the citizens of Irvine by King Robert I because of special services they had rendered to him. 

The ship in the other flank which symbolises generally the maritime associations with the District. 

The leopard's head at the top of with the weaver's shuttle. This refers to the main industry of the inland parts of the District – Beith, Dalry and Kilbirnie. This weaving symbol is common to the Arms of all the societies and incorporations of weavers that have recorded Arms in Scotland.

The Council motto is 'Sense and Worth'.

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