Members of the European Parliament


There are 73 UK Members of the European Parliament.  72 were elected in the European Parliament elections on 4 June 2009. The UK gained an additional seat in the West Midlands region on 1 December 2011, as a result of the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty.

The UK is divided into twelve electoral regions made up of the nations and regions of the UK. Each region has between three and ten MEPs, and each MEP in a region represents each person living there (i.e. Eastern - 7, East Midlands - 5, London - 8, North East - 3, North West - 8, South East - 10, South West - 6, West Midlands - 7, Yorkshire and Humber - 6, Wales - 4, Scotland - 6, Northern Ireland - 3).  Elections to the European Parliament are held every five years. 

Scotland Region

The Scotland Region has six Members of the European Parliament.  All six MEPs represent everyone who lives in Scotland, including in North Ayrshire.

Contacting your MEPs

MEPs can usually be contacted at their Parliamentary or constituency offices. 

You can Find Your MEP using the search facility on the European Parliament website