Members of Parliament


Two Westminster Parliamentary Constituencies cover the area of North Ayrshire - North Ayrshire and Arran Constituency, and the Central Ayrshire Constituency.

In terms of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, an Act of the UK Parliament, elections to the Parliament occur at regular intervals (except in certain circumstances). Under the provisions of the Act, parliamentary elections must be held every five years, beginning in 2015.

Due to the UK Parliamentary Election on Thursday 12 December 2019, the UK Parliament will dissolve on 5 November 2019.  Further information on the General Election is available on the forthcoming election page.


North Ayrshire and Arran Constituency

The North Ayrshire and Arran Constituency falls wholly within the boundaries of North Ayrshire.  You can view a map of the Constituency on the website of the Boundary Commission for Scotland, the body responsible for undertaking periodic reviews of Parliamentary boundaries and making recommendations to Ministers thereon.  The Boundary Commission's website includes information and reports on all reviews of parliamentary boundaries undertaken by the Commission.

The Chief Executive of North Ayrshire Council is Returning Officer for elections in the North Ayrshire and Arran Constituency and is responsible for their conduct.

Central Ayrshire Constituency

The Central Ayrshire Constituency covers parts of North Ayrshire (mainly Irvine and to the south) and South Ayrshire.  Again you can view a map of the Constituency on the website of the Boundary Commission for Scotland.

The Returning Officer for the Central Ayrshire Constituency is the Chief Executive of South Ayrshire Council.


Contact Your MP

You can use the search facility on the Parliament website to Find Your MP.  MPs can usually be contacted at their Parliamentary or constituency offices.  You can also find out more about how Parliament and MPs work from the Parliament website.