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    Governance documents



    There are a number of key documents which set out how North Ayrshire Council and its committees of officers makes decisions.  Some key documents are listed below.  All governance documents are subject to periodic review.



    Scheme of Administration

    The Scheme of Administration provides for the delegation by the Council of decision making authority to various committees. The Scheme establishes the committees of the Council, provides for their compositions, and sets out their terms of reference and any limitations on their decision making powers. There is a separate Scheme of Administration in respect of the North Ayrshire Integration Joint Board.

    Standing Orders Relating to Meetings and Proceedings of the Council

    The Standing Orders are procedural rules which govern the conduct of meetings of the Council and its committees. The Standing Orders provide for such matters as questions, voting, motions and amendments, the power of the Provost/Chair and so on. There are separate Standing Orders relating to meetings of the North Ayrshire Integration Joint Board.

    Scheme of Delegation to Officers

    The Scheme of Delegation to Officers sets out the extent of decision making powers delegated by the Council to senior officers.