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    North Ayrshire Council has 30 Councillors, each representing one of eight Multi Member electoral wards.  Each electoral ward in North Ayrshire has either 3 or 4 Councillors.  Information about each Councillor can be found elsewhere on this website. The Council consists of 12 Scottish Labour Party Councillors, 10 Scottish National Party (SNP) Councillors, 1 Conservative & Unionist Councillor, and 7 Independent Councillors.

    No single party has an overall majority on the Council.  Labour formed a new minority Administration at a Special Meeting of the Council on 30 August 2016.  Immediately prior to this, the Council had a minority SNP Administration. 

    The Leader and Depute Leader of the Council are Councillor Joe Cullinane and Councillor John Bell, respectively.  The Provost and Depute Provost are Councillor Ian Clarkson and Councillor Robert Barr.  The Provost, or in his absence, the Depute Provost, chairs meetings of the Council. The full Council meets in the sixth week of every committee meeting cycle.  Meetings of the Council are normally held in the Council Chambers located at Cunninghame House in Irvine.  Details of all meetings of the Council and its committees can be found elsewhere on the website.

    You can search for your local Councillors using the Local View option. 

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