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North Ayrshire Council
22 Jun 2022 - 14:00 to 20:00
Meeting open to the public.
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Agenda Items
Meeting Arrangements

Please note that this meeting will take place on a wholly physical basis on this occasion.  Due to a technical issue, it may not be possible to webcast the proceedings 'live' or make a recording  available after the event.  There will, however, be public gallery seating available in the Council Chambers.

1 Apologies
2 Declarations of Interest

Members are requested to give notice of any declarations of interest in respect of items of business on the Agenda.

The accuracy of the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 18 May 2022 will be confirmed and the Minutes signed in accordance with Paragraph 7(1) of Schedule 7 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.

Submit report by the Provost for the period covering 19 May - 12 June 2022 (copy enclosed).

Submit report by the Leader of the Council for the period covering 19 May - 12 June 2022 (copy enclosed).

Submit, for noting, the Minutes of Meeting of Committees of the Council held in the period 31 May 2022 - 9 June 2022.

Submit report by the Chief Executive on a small number of vacancies in respect of appointments to outside bodies and to invite the Council to make appointments (copy enclosed).

Submit report by the Chief Executive on the format of meetings of
Council and its committees and future arrangements for holding
meetings including webcasting/live-streaming (copy enclosed).

Submit report by the Head of Finance on the unaudited Annual Accounts for the year to 31 March 2022 (copy enclosed).

Submit report by the Head of Finance on the Treasury Management and Investment Annual Report and Prudential Indicators for 2021/22 (copy enclosed).

Submit report by the Head of Finance on the unaudited Trustees' Annual Report for the year to March 2022, for approval by the Council as trustees (copy enclosed).

In terms of Standing Order 14, submit  the following questions for consideration in the undernoted order:-


“With regard to waste, can the Cabinet Member advise (i) where the recycled waste collected in North Ayrshire goes for processing, (ii) how much of the waste sent for recycling is processed in the UK, (iii) if any waste is sent outside the UK, how much is sent and what type of waste it is and (iv) what percentage of waste sent for recycling is actually recycled and how much ends up either in landfill or being incinerated?”


“Following work done by the Labour Administration and Council Officers to pursue the purchase of the former Lonsdale Bar in Stevenston, can the Administration confirm whether they remain committed to bringing the Lonsdale site into council-ownership in order to tackle this derelict blight on Stevenston?”


"What is the figure of funding North Ayrshire Council receives through Grant Aided Expenditure for 2022/23 and in particular how much of this funding has been allocated to Strathclyde Passenger Transport to subsidise bus routes within North Ayrshire, and is North Ayrshire Council responsible for deciding which routes are deemed necessary for funding?”


"Will the authority be making a further breakdown of ‘care experienced’ children in their targeting of support as ‘care experienced’ is a wide, catch-all term that includes people of significantly different backgrounds and needs?”


“RPI is currently at 11.1%. As a member of COSLA Leaders, can the Council Leader inform us what they would deem to be a fair pay settlement, and can they outline how they intend to deliver that fair pay deal for North Ayrshire Council staff who like everyone are being impacted by the cost-of-living crisis?”


"Can the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Place provide an update into the planned walking and cycling routes projects and timescale for delivering on this SNP local government manifesto promise for the North Coast?"


"To ask the Cabinet Member for Education how many teaching and non-teaching posts are funded through the Attainment Challenge Fund?”


“Can the Cabinet Member for Place (i) advise what assessment has been done on the viability of Irvine Tennis Club (SCIO) business plan, in order to show that it will be a sustainable club, and not become dependent on grant funding, (ii) confirm whether he has read the ‘strong business plan’ of the club, (iii) provide clarification on the ‘external sources of funding’ referred to in the Cabinet report and (iv) say whether he is concerned at losing over £100,000 in property value?”


“Given that the SNP did not publish a local manifesto for North Ayrshire ahead of May’s election, can the Leader of the Council advise when they will publish a political programme that their minority administration intends to deliver on?”


“Can the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Place provide an update into the planned projects to provide more sporting, leisure and cultural opportunities projects and timescale for delivering on this SNP local government manifesto promise for the North Coast?"


“To ask the Cabinet Member for an update on the B714 upgrade?”


“In June 2021,Cabinet approved £500.000 of investment to improve coastal play parks.£80,000 from this fund has already been announced for the project led by the community group SALT at Winton Circus, Saltcoats. Can the Cabinet Member outline how the rest of the fund will be invested and when each project is estimated to start?”


“Since November 2016, North Ayrshire Council has paid the uprated real Living Wage to its staff from the date of announcement, normally announced in November at the start of Living Wage Week. This year, in light of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, the Living Wage Foundation are bringing forward the announcement to September. Will the new administration match the previous Labour administration’s commitment and put the uprated real Living Wage into Council staff’s pockets from the date of announcement in September?”


“On 30 November 2021, the previous Labour Cabinet confirmed an additional £3million would be added to the Community Investment Fund they established in 2017. Can the Cabinet Member confirm the level of uncommitted funds still available in the Community Investment Fund?”


“Can the Cabinet Member advise when the previously approved £350,000 Green Participatory Budgeting initiative will be launched?”


“North Ayrshire Council is financially contributing to Ayrshire College’s Future Skills Hub project in Kilwinning. Can the Cabinet Member provide an update on the project?”


"With the demolition of the back of the King’s Arms, can the Cabinet Member confirm when the Council house development will start?”


“Earlier this year the Council consulted on the first phase of the concept design for the Great Harbour project in Irvine. Can the Cabinet Member responsible advise us when the results of that consultation will be shared with Elected Members and when can we expect phase 1 of the project, which focuses on the Coastal Hub including the new play facility, to commence?”


“In June 2021, Cabinet approved investment in Coastal infrastructure such as new street furniture. Can the Cabinet Member itemise how this funding will be invested and when?”


To ask the Cabinet Member for Place what impact the delay in the construction of Moorpark Primary School will have on the subsequent Council house development on the adjacent site?"


“Can the Leader of the Council advise when the Ardrossan Ministerial Taskforce last met?”


“The construction of the new Montgomerie Park Primary School and Early Years Centre has been delayed by a full 12 months. What reassurances can the Cabinet Member provide my constituents in Montgomerie Park that there will be no further delays to this important project?”


"The last Medium Term Financial Outlook (MTFO) report, covering the period from 2022/23 to 24/25, projected a gross funding gap of £39million. Can the Cabinet Member advise what initial assessment has been made on the impact that the Scottish Government’s spending review will have on the planning assumptions behind the MTFO?”


“Last June, Cabinet approved £830,000 for Town Centre Living Pilots at Bank Street, Irvine and Howgate, Kilwinning to repurpose vacant buildings into housing. At the end of the financial year, £150,000 had been committed to the project, with the remaining £680,000 reallocated to other projects, including fully funding the West Kilbride shopfront improvement scheme, but with a commitment to reallocate the full £680,000 in 2022/23 for the Town Centre Living Pilots. Can the Cabinet Member outline a timeline for committing the £680,000 during 2022/23 to support this important pilot project?”


“Following the transfer of the Council’s commercial estate function to the Economic Development team, a review of the commercial estate, with the intention of repurposing vacant properties, was being carried out. Can the Cabinet Member provide an update on the review and confirm whether the Administration remains committed to pro-actively repurposing empty properties within our commercial estate to bring them back into productive use, including the plans for a social enterprise hub at Bridgegate, Irvine?”


“To ask the Cabinet Member for an update on the Place Framework being developed in Saltcoats, Largs, Kilwinning and the Garnock Valley, including the total investment in the projects?”


“Can the Cabinet Member provide an update on the planned Bourtreehill Village regeneration project?”


“What is the Administration’s position on Greenports?”


“Cabinet agreed in November 2021 to develop a joint bid with South Ayrshire Council to the second round of the UK’s Levelling Up Fund for up to £40million to create new commercial business space and associated active travel infrastructure. Can the Cabinet Member provide an update on that joint bid?”


“Last year the Council commissioned the Remade Network to explore opportunities for reuse and repair projects in North Ayrshire. Unfortunately, their report was not completed in time to come to Cabinet before the end of the last term. Can the Cabinet Member provide an update on the project?”


“The Ardeer STEP project was subject to a Cabinet report on 31st August 2021, that was not called in by any Elected Member. However, during the election campaign, SNP candidates, including the Council Leader, tweeted in response to the “Refuse Ardeer Fusion” campaign that, “SNP candidates are aware of local support for this but are sceptical of it coming to North Ayrshire. Can the Leader of the Council now clarify what the Administration’s position is on the STEP bid”.


Can the Cabinet Member provide an update on plans to develop Council houses at the Ayrshire Central site, including the number of units currently planned and the estimated start date?”


"Can the Cabinet Member confirm when the next strategic housing investment plan will come to cabinet for approval?”

13 Motions

In terms of Standing Order 15, submit:-


That North Ayrshire Councils notes the Unite Union’s “Get Me Home safely” campaign to protect late workers on their journey home. North Ayrshire Council therefore requests that the Licensing Board consults on inclusion of a “Safe Home” recommendation for Late Opening Premises within their Licensing Policy Statement when it is next reviewed."


"On 8 June 2022, Stagecoach announced that the X34 and X36 services from Ardrossan to Glasgow will no longer operate from 17 July 2022.


These services play a major role in accessing work and studies for Garnock Valley residents, all the local  Councillors have been inundated with complaints from service users regarding the withdrawal of service. Constituents have started petitions and a public meeting is being planned.


I move that North Ayrshire Council registers its support to the community in their efforts to get Stagecoach to reconsider this decision, and that we instruct the Council’s Chief Executive to write to Stagecoach, SPT and the Scottish Governments Transport minister to urge them to reach a solution which will ensure a reliable, affordable public transport service for North Ayrshire and the Garnock Valley in particular.”


That this Council:

  1. renews its commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, which is based on the premise that those who serve or have served, and their families deserve respect, support and fair treatment. In particular, it states that: “Those who serve in the Armed Forces, whether regular or Reserve, those who have served in the past, and their families, should face no disadvantage compared to other citizens in the provision of public and commercial services. Special consideration is appropriate in some cases, especially for those who have given most such as the injured and the bereaved.”
  2. is proud to be Armed Forces friendly and recognises the enormous contribution and sacrifices that members of the Armed Forces and their families make every day for the safety and security of our country; 
  3. values the service of all British Armed Forces personnel, past and present, including those from Commonwealth Nations.
  4. requests production of a report examining what more North Ayrshire Council can do to support our serving and veteran community across the full range of services we provide and strengthen partnerships with the Armed Forces Community.
  5. prepares for the new duty to give due regard to the Armed Forces Covenant in policy development and decision making.”
14 Urgent Items

Any other items which the Provost considers to be urgent.

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C. Hatton, Chief Executive; C. Cameron, Director (Health and Social Care Partnership); R. McCutcheon, Executive Director (Place); A. Sutton, Executive Director (Communities and Education); K. Yeomans, Director (Growth and Investment); M. Boyd, Head of (Finance); and A. Craig, Head of Service, M. McColm, Senior Manager (Communications), M. Anderson, Senior Manager (Committee and Member Services) and H. Clancy, Committee Services Officer (Democratic Services).


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