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    Election Results


    The Council holds results for various elections and referenda held within our administrative boundaries.  You can access the available results using the following links.

    Scottish Local Government Elections
    2017 Scottish Local Government Elections
    2016 Ward 1 Irvine West By Election
    2014 Ward 8 North Coast and Cumbraes By Election
    2012 Local Elections
    2011 Ward 4 Saltcoats and Stevenston By Election
    2008 Ward 7 Kilbirnie and Beith By Election
    2007 Local Elections
    2004 Ward 24 Ardrossan North By Election
    2003 Local Elections
    2002 Ward 2 Irvine Townhead By Election
    2001 Ward 4 Irvine North By Election
    1999 Local Elections
    1995 Local Elections


    UK Parliamentary Elections 2017 Result - North Ayrshire and Arran 
    2015 Result - North Ayrshire and Arran
    2010 North Ayrshire and Arran Constituency
    2010 Central Ayrshire Constituency
    2005 North Ayrshire and Arran Constituency
    2005 Central Ayrshire Constituency
    2001 Cunninghame North Constituency
    2001 Cunninghame South Constituency

    Scottish Parliamentary Elections
    2016 Cunninghame North Constituency
    2016 Cunninghame South Constituency
    2011 Cunninghame North and Cunninghame South Constituencies
    2011 West of Scotland Region (Cunninghame North)
    2011 West of Scotland Region (Cunninghame South)
    2007 Cunninghame North Constituency
    2007 Cunninghame South Constituency
    2007 West of Scotland Region (Cunninghame North)
    2007 South of Scotland Region (Cunninghame South)
    2003 Cunninghame North Constituency
    2003 Cunninghame South Constituency

    Referendum on the UK's Membership of the European Union
    2016 Referendum on the UK's Membership of the European Union
    Referendum of UK Parliament Voting Reform

    2011 Referendum on Voting Reform (Cunninghame North and Cunninghame South)


    European Parliamentary Elections
    2014 European Parliamentary Election - Electoral Region of Scotland Results.pdf
    2014 European Parliamentary Election 2014 - Electoral Region of Scotland - Summary of Votes Cast.pdf
    2014 European Parliamentary Election - Statement of Local Totals.pdf

    Referendum on Scottish Independence

    Referendum Count Council Return