Staffing and Recruitment Committee

The Staffing and Recruitment Committee considers arrangements for the selection and recruitment of Chief Officers of the Council and also applications from employees for early retirement under the Council's HR policies and procedures. The Committee comprises 4 Members of the Council, namely 2 Administration Members and 2 from the Main Opposition Group. The Cabinet Member holding the relevant service portfolio relating to a particular Chief Officer appointment is also a member of the Committee for business relating to that appointment only. Each of the four standing members of the Committee will have a named substitute who may attend meetings in their place when necessary.
16 May 2012 - 04 May 2017
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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership DatesAttendance
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor John Bell Member 20/08/2012 - 04/05/2017 39%
Scottish National Party (SNP)
Councillor Marie Burns Member 16/09/2016 - 04/05/2017 100%
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Joe Cullinane Chairperson 31/08/2016 - 04/05/2017 No meetings since joining
Scottish National Party (SNP)
Councillor William Gibson Member 16/05/2012 - 04/05/2017 88%


PartyNameRoleMembership DatesMeetings Attended
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Alex GallagherNamed Substitute 16/05/2012 - 04/05/2017 12
Scottish National Party (SNP)
Councillor Alan HillNamed Substitute 16/09/2016 - 04/05/2017 1
Scottish National Party (SNP)
Councillor Grace McLeanNamed Substitute 28/06/2016 - 04/05/2017 0
Scottish Labour Party
Councillor Peter McNamaraNamed Substitute 16/09/2016 - 04/05/2017 0
Angela Little
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