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Police and Fire and Rescue Committee
5 Nov 2019 - 14:00 to 16:00
Meeting open to the public.
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Agenda Items
1 Declarations of Interest

Members are requested to give notice of any declarations of interest in respect of items of business on the Agenda.

The accuracy of the Minutes of the meeting held on 3 September 2019 will be confirmed and the Minutes signed in accordance with Paragraph 7 (1) of Schedule 7 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 (copy enclosed).

3 Welcome and Introductions
4 Presentations

Receive a presentation from Area Commander Ian McMeekin on deliberate fire setting.

Receive a presentation from Chief Inspector George Campbell on Police Scotland's Contact Assessment Model.

5 Chair and Vice-Chair Verbal Updates
6 Performance Reports

Submit report by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service on performance in relation to North Ayrshire (copy enclosed).

Submit report by Police Scotland on performance in relation to North Ayrshire Local Police Plan (copy enclosed).

7 Urgent Items

Any other items which the Chair considers to be urgent.

Police and Fire and Rescue Committee

Vacancy (Chair)

John Glover (Vice-Chair)

Todd Ferguson

Ellen McMaster

Davina McTiernan

Jimmy Miller

Donald L Reid

Angela Stephen

Meeting Documents

Declarations of Interests

Others Attending

Also in attendance at the above meeting were:

In Attendance

A. Craig, Senior Manager (Legal Services) and A. Little, Committee Services Officer (Chief Executive’s Service).


Also In Attendance

Chief Superintendent M. Hargreaves, Chief Inspector B. Shaw and Chief Inspector G. Campbell (Police Scotland); Area Commander I. McMeekin and Station Commander A. Brown (Scottish Fire and Rescue Service).

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