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North Ayrshire Council (Planning) (Pre-Determination Hearing)
4 Mar 2019 - 11:00 to 12:00
Meeting open to the public.
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Agenda Items
1 Declarations of Interest

Members are requested to give notice of any declarations of interest in respect of items of business on the Agenda.

2 Pre-Determination Hearing

In accordance with the Procedure for the Conduct of Pre-Determination Hearings (Planning), receive deputation on the following application:-

3 Three Towns

Submit reports on the following applications:

3.1 18/00882/PPM: Auchenharvie Playing Fields, Boglemart Street/ Saltcoats Road, Stevenston

(1) Erection of an additional support needs school campus development comprising of nursery, primary and secondary departments together with the provision of vehicular and pedestrian access, parking, external play and sports facilities, polytunnel, landscaping and
(2) the erection of residential and respite accommodation together with associated access, parking and landscaping

North Ayrshire Council (Pre-Determination Hearings)
Ian Clarkson (Provost)
Robert Barr (Depute Provost)
John Bell
Timothy Billings
Joy Brahim
Marie Burns
Joe Cullinane
Scott Davidson
Anthea Dickson
John Easdale
Todd Ferguson
Robert Foster
Scott Gallacher
Alex Gallagher
Margaret George
John Glover
Tony Gurney
Alan Hill
Christina Larsen
Shaun Macaulay
Jean McClung
Ellen McMaster
Ronnie McNicol
Louise McPhater
Davina McTiernan
Tom Marshall
Jimmy Miller
Jim Montgomerie
Ian Murdoch
Donald Reid
Donald L Reid
Angela Stephen
John Sweeney

Declarations of Interests

Others Attending

Ian Clarkson, Robert Barr, John Bell, Timothy Billings, Marie Burns, Joe Cullinane, Scott Davidson, Todd Ferguson, Robert Foster, Scott Gallacher, Tony Gurney, Christina Larsen, Shaun Macaulay, Jean McClung, Ellen McMaster, Davina McTiernan, Tom Marshall, Jimmy Miller, Jim Montgomerie, Donald Reid, Donald L Reid, and John Sweeney.

In Attendance
A. Fraser, Head of Democratic Services and A. Craig, Senior Manager (Legal Services) (Chief Executive’s Service); C. McAuley, Head of Service (Economic Growth) and J. Miller, Senior Manager Planning (Economy and Communities); and E. Gray, Committee Services Officer.

Also in Attendance
G. Pollock, Stevenston Community Council, B. Mortlock and A. Morrison (objectors); C. Amos and L. Cree, North Ayrshire Council, and B. O’Donnell, NORR Consultants Ltd (applicants).

Provost Clarkson in the Chair.

Apologies for Absence
Joy Brahim, John Easdale, Alex Gallagher, Ronnie McNicol, Ian Murdoch and Angela Stephen.