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    Travel and Subsistence Claims 2013/14


    Attached below are the travel and subsistence claim forms submitted by North Ayrshire Council Elected Members in 2013/14.  Members' claims are normally paid in the month after submission. So, for example, claim forms submitted in December will be paid in January and so on.

    April 2013
    Barr, Robert - Paid April 2013 (pdf 161kb).pdf
    Gibson, William - PAID APRIL 2013(pdf 122kb).pdf
    Gurney, Anthony -PAID APRIL 2013 (pdf 108kb).pdf
    Marshall, Tom - PAID APRIL 2013(pdf 145kb).pdf
    McMillan, Catherine- PAID APRIL 2013 (pdf 211kb ).pdf
    Reid, Donald -PAID APRIL 2013 (pdf 125kb).pdf

    May 2013
    Clarkson, Ian - PAID MAY 2013 (pdf 144kb).pdf
    Dickson, Anthea - PAID MAY 2013 (pdf 241kb).pdf
    Easdale,John- PAID MAY 2013(pdf 96kb).pdf
    Maguire, Ruth - PAID MAY 2013 (pdf 241kb).pdf
    McLean, Alex - PAID MAY 2013 (pdf 122kb).pdf
    McMillan, Catherine- PAID MAY 2013 (pdf 166kb).pdf
    McNamara, Peter- PAID MAY 2013 (pdf 128kb).pdf

    June 2013
    Barr, Robert - Paid June 2013 (pdf 133kb).pdf
    Gurney, Anthony - PAID JUNE 2013 (pdf 340kb).pdf
    Hill, Alan - PAID JUNE 2013 (pdf 129kb).pdf
    Maguire, Ruth - PAID JUN 2013 (pdf 117kb).pdf
    McLean, Alex -PAID JUNE 2013 (pdf 115kb).pdf
    McMillan, Catherine - PAID JUNE 2013 (pdf 184kb).pdf
    Reid, Donald- PAID JUNE 2013 (pdf 158kb).pdf

    July 2013
    Barr, Robert - Paid July 2013(pdf 107kb ).pdf
    Burns, Marie - Paid July 2013 (pdf 107kb).pdf
    Dickson, Anthea - PAID JULY 2013 (pdf 224kb).pdf
    Highgate, Jean - PAID JULY 2013 (PDF 109kb).pdf
    Marshall, Tom - PAID JULY 2013(pdf 145kb).pdf
    McMillan, Catherine- PAID JULY 2013 (pdf 173kb).pdf
    McNamara, Peter- PAID JULY 2013 (pdf 133kb).pdf
    Munro, Alan - PAID JULY 2013 (pdf 127kb).pdf

    August 2013
    Clarkson, Ian - PAID AUG 2013 (pdf 275kb).pdf
    Gurney, Anthony -PAID AUG 2013 (PDF 112kb).pdf
    Reid, Donald - PAID AUG 2013 (pdf 134kb).pdf

    September 2013
    Barr, Robert - Paid Sept 2013(pdf 124kb).pdf
    Hill, Alan -PAID SEPT 2013(pdf 119kb).pdf
    McLardy, Elizabeth - PAID SEPT 2013 (pdf 149kb).pdf
    McMillan, Catherine - PAID SEPT 2013 (pdf 155kb).pdf

    October 2013
    Barr, Robert - Paid Oct 2013 (pdf 89kb).pdf
    Bell, John - Paid Oct 2013 (pdf 100kb).pdf
    Highgate, Jean -PAID OCT 2013 (pdf 119kb).pdf
    Marshall, Tom - PAID OCT 2013 (pdf 123kb).pdf
    McMillan, Catherine- PAID OCT 2013 (pdf 150kb ).pdf
    McNamara, Peter- PAID OCT 2013 (pdf 128kb).pdf
    Reid, Donald - PAID OCT 2013 (pdf 117kb ).pdf

    November 2013
    Barr, Robert - PAID NOV 2013 (pdf 87 kb).pdf
    Dickson, Anthea - PAID NOV 2013(pdf 250kb).pdf
    Maguire, Ruth - PAID NOV 2013 (pdf 430kb).pdf
    Marshall, Tom - PAID NOV 2013 (pdf 160kb).pdf
    McNamara, Peter - PAID NOV (pdf 134kb).pdf
    Munro, Alan - (pdf 126kb).pdf

    December 2013
    Clarkson, Ian - PAID DEC 2013 (pdf 291kb).pdf
    Dickson, Anthea - PAID DEC 2013(pdf 243kb).pdf
    Easdale,John -PAID DEC 2013(pdf 661kb).pdf
    Gibson, William - PAID DEC 2013(pdf 125kb).pdf
    McMillan, Catherine- PAID DEC 2013 (pdf 133kb).pdf
    Reid, Donald -PAID DEC 2013 (pdf 157kb).pdf

    January 2014
    Barr, Robert - Paid January 2014 (pdf 137kb).pdf
    Clarkson, Ian - Paid January 2014 (pdf 296kb).pdf
    Marshall, Tom - Paid January 2014 (pdf 142kb).pdf
    McLean, Alex - Paid January 2014 (pdf 324kb).pdf
    McMillan, Catherine - Paid January 2014 (pdf 106kb).pdf
    McNicol, Ronnie - Paid January 2014 (pdf 118kb).pdf
    Sturgeon, Joan - Paid January 2014 (pdf 72kb).pdf

    February 2014
    Dickson, Anthea - PAID FEB 2014 (pdf 232kb).pdf
    Easdale, John - PAID FEB 2014(pdf149).pdf
    Marshall, Tom - PAID FEB 2014 (PDF 137kb).pdf
    McNamara, Peter - PAID FEB 2014( pdf 104kb).pdf
    McMillan, Catherine- PAID FEB 2014 (pdf 112kb).pdf
    McNicol, Ronnie -PAID FEB 2014(pdf 105kb).pdf
    Reid, Donald - PAID FEB 2014 (pdf 223).pdf

    March 2014
    Barr, Robert- Paid March 2014(pdf 121kb).pdf
    Clarkson, Ian - Paid March 2014 (pdf 151kb).pdf
    Dickson, Anthea - Paid March 2014(pdf 115kb).pdf
    Highgate, Jean - Paid March 2014 (pdf 112kb).pdf
    Marshall, Tom -Paid March 2014(pdf 132kb).pdf
    McLean, Alex - Paid March 2014(pdf 183kb).pdf
    McMillan,Catherine- Paid March 2014(pdf111kb).pdf
    McNamara, Peter- Paid March 2014(pdf 117kb).pdf
    McNicol, Ronnie - Paid March 2014(pdf105kb ).pdf
    Reid, Donald - Paid March 2014(pdf 214kb).pdf

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